About Us

Markham District Veterans Association (MDVA) Aims & Objectives:

a) To perpetuate the friendships, associations and memories of the veterans of the Armed Forces of Canada, His Majesty’s Armed Forces, Allied Services, and Reserve Forces, as well as professional police, fire, ambulance, public safety and emergency services in Canada;

b) To promote just and righteous recognition of the memories of the members of His Majesty’s Armed Forces who have paid the supreme sacrifice in the execution of their duties and all ex-members thereof, particularly those who are or were resident in the Markham area;

c) To promote just and righteous treatment by citizens and all levels of Government towards all ex-members of His Majesty’s Armed Forces, Allied Services, Reserve Forces and their next of kin;

d) To provide members with social and recreational enjoyment;

e) To provide, participate in or maintain parades, solemn and celebratory services, a library and museum, a speaker’s bureau for schools, civic, cultural and community groups and to support, wherever possible, worthy community projects;

f) To support military cadet and related youth programs;

g) To encourage members of the community who support these Aims and Objectives to participate actively in their realization by joining the Association.