MDVA Notice To Members regarding COVID-19

The MDVA will remain closed until the current Provincial Government lockdown is lifted and clubs are allowed to open.

There is no vaccine or known cure against this virus and people can be socializing not knowing they are infected as they may not exhibit any symptoms early on. Therefore, the Ministry of Health is asking people to observe good personal hygiene, social distancing and to self isolate for 2 weeks if they have returned from a foreign country or are sick or feeling unwell.

Social distancing and self isolation is not in our DNA, so while I know that some members will be disappointed with the closure, we are thinking of the greater good of the membership as a whole.This is a tough call but when we look around and see what the community is doing, libraries closing, churches suspending services, schools and daycare’s closing, etc., the Board knows this is the right and responsible thing to do at this time. We will monitor the situation and will keep you updated on any changes required.

York Region moved to Stage 3 reopening on July 24, 2020 which now allows clubs to reopen provided very strict protocols are followed.

With the recent surge of new cases of Covid 19  in Montreal, Ottawa and the US following the opening of bars and restaurants, the Board has decided to delay the decision to reopen at this time. We will monitor and track the number of COVID-19 cases in the area and determine when it is safe for us to open again.

We know this delay will disappoint some, but the health and safety of our members is priority one. 

Stay safe and stay tuned for further updates as we move forward.

MDVA Board of Directors


Welcome to the official website of the

Markham District Veterans’ Association

Located in downtown Markham, we have often been called the ‘best kept secret’ in town.

Until recently, membership was only available for Veterans, immediate family and close friends.

Today, membership is open to all who subscribe to the same values as the Veterans, and are willing to further the aims and objectives of the Markham District Veterans Association.

We invite, and encourage you to drop in, say hello, and get involved with your local Veterans Association in the City of Markham.

You will be helping make friends that last for a lifetime.