Well the lock down continues until the middle of May, lots of people have been signing up and lining up to get vaccinated, and all of us have been doing what we can to help flatten the curve of this deadly virus. We see the light at the end of this very dark tunnel so please stay vigilant as the variants are highly transmissible.
With the amount of vaccines that Canada is now receiving each week, and the change in the administration of the vaccine strategy, it will help us get on top of this pandemic and we can return to some form of normalcy. I encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as you are able to.
If you watch the daily COVID briefings, you know that there is no forecast date as to when the MDVA will be allowed to open. The one thing that I am sure of is that we will be opening at some point with the usual Covid protocols that we have had to have in place for the last 12 months. 
The MDVA has purchased 2 high quality air purifiers for the Unionville and Club rooms. These air purifiers should be installed by the time that we reopen. Our continued priority is keeping our members and their guest health and well being front and centre so that you will not hesitate to visit the club. 
Here are some May dates to remember….. 
May 2nd – Ontario Police Memorial Day remembering all of the fallen police officers in Ontario. 
May 5th – 76th Anniversary of the Dutch Liberation when Canadian soldiers played a key role in the culmination of the Second World War. More than 7,600 Canadians died in the nine months it took to liberate the Netherlands.  
May 8th – 76th Anniversary of the Victory in Europe (VE Day) the day after Germany surrendered to the Allied Forces on May 7th. 45,400 Canadian soldiers gave their lives in World War II. 
Unfortunately, all activities for these events have been cancelled due to COVID 19 but please take a moment to remember the ultimate sacrifice that these men and women made and continue to make to keep us safe and free. 
May 9th –  Mothers Day. On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors we wish all mothers a Very Happy Mothers Day.
The Association is always open to receive new members. Please visit our Membership page for further details and if you would like to join our wonderful Association, please reach out to our Membership Manager, Larry Lau, at markhamveterans@rogers.com.  
The MDVA will continue to follow all Provincial regulations and the website will be updated accordingly so please visit the site often to get the latest update.  
Stay healthy, stay safe, follow social distance requirements and let us look forward to when we can gather again.

Markham District Veterans’ Association

Located in downtown Markham, we have often been called the ‘best kept secret’ in town.

You will be helping make friends that last for a lifetime.

Until recently, membership was only available for Veterans, immediate family and close friends.

Today, membership is open to all who subscribe to the same values as the Veterans, and are willing to further the aims and objectives of the Markham District Veterans Association.

We invite, and encourage you to drop in, say hello, and get involved with your local Veterans Association in the City of Markham.